Howell and Co. is a small company with one mission:  to make a good hand-crafted scented soy candle.  

Despite what you have read or seen on the Internet, it's not easy to make a candle that burns well and smells great.  More (way more) than a year of making and testing and testing and more testing went into Howell and Co. candles. 

We manufacture all our candles in a small studio in Austin, TX using American-grown soy wax and fine fragrance oils. The cotton wicks are braided with thin paper filaments for burn stability. The construction provides a controlled curling which minimizes soot and smoke. 

Our soy wax has no dyes, and we use only high-quality fragrances. We don't like excess packaging. We strive for a casual simplicity, beauty, and utility in our candles. 

Let us know what you think: The good, the bad, and any questions.  We hope you enjoy using our candles as much as we love bringing them to you.